Phone Systems


Hosted VoIP and PBX

A Hosted-Cloud Phone System, also known as Hosted VoIP, is a cloud-based phone system where the service provider hosts the phone lines using Voice over Internet Protocals (VoIP). For business, a Hosted Public Branch Exchange (PBX) uses VoIP along with company numbers and user extensions in the same way an on premise PBX operates. For communications, only an Internet connection is needed, traditional analog or digital phone lines are not used.

Our Hosted PBX is located only in Secure Canadian Data Centers. There are many features that make a Hosted PBX the right choice because of improved functionality over a traditional on premise technology including:

  • Instant and seamless scalability
  • User friendly customization
  • Caller metrics
  • Number porting including toll free numbers
  • Call recording option
  • Reduced on-site requirements
  • Flexible hardware choices
  • Browser and mobile smart phone apps
  • Unlimited North American calling

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