Off-Premise Solutions

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Leverage the Cloud

As our workplaces evolve beyond our physical offices on-premise technology can limit worker connectivity, communication, and productivity. We offer a range of cloud solutions and services to help our customers to reduce their on-premise IT infrastructure requirements and provide improved connectivity and functionality.

Services include: physical server migration to the cloud, VPN configuration, hosted VoIP phone systems, Office 365, office 365 backup, email filtering, managed antivirus, zero-day firewall protection, cloud based disaster recovery, and more. 

Microsoft 365

Email Hosting

Eliminate exchange server hardware, maintenance costs, and downtime  by migrating your email to the cloud with Office 365 Exchange. Office 365 exchange servers automatically update ensuring that you always up to date with the latest security patches with no down time. 


Azure is a cloud computing platform that can enhance your business with solutions including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Azure can be used for analytics, virtual computing, storage, networking, and much more.

Microsoft Applications

Office 365 licenses come in a wide range of levels, and include different tiers of applications. Applications include: Microsoft productivity suite, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and more. 

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Hosted VoIP and PBX

A Hosted-Cloud Phone System, also known as Hosted VoIP, is a cloud-based phone system where the service provider hosts the phone lines using Voice over Internet Protocals (VoIP). For business, a Hosted Public Branch Exchange (PBX) uses VoIP along with company numbers and user extensions in the same way an on premise PBX operates. For communications, only an Internet connection is needed, traditional analog or digital phone lines are not used.

Our Hosted PBX is located only in Secure Canadian Data Centers. There are many features that make a Hosted PBX the right choice because of improved functionality over a traditional on premise technology including:

  • Instant and seamless scalability
  • User friendly customization
  • Caller metrics
  • Number porting including toll free numbers
  • Call recording option
  • Reduced on-site requirements
  • Flexible hardware choices
  • Browser and mobile smart phone apps
  • Unlimited North American calling

Cyber Security

Cloud Backup

We offer a variety of cloud backup solutions to meet your companies needs, including Microsoft Onedrive and Sharepoint configuration, individual managed online backups, and Datto cloud backup for servers, workstations, and Office 365. 

Email Filtering

Email filtering services providing a critical layer of defense against cyber attacks. By filtering out high threat emails that may not be picked up by the default email filters users receive enhanced protection against spoofing attacks, virus and other unsafe links filtering, and user and domain level black/white lists.  


We trust Watchguard firewall solutions to protect our customers internet security. Watchguard keeps your users safe from threats with zero-day detection providing live threat detection as data is received. Protect your network from threats when working remotely with end point protection, reployed to each of your users machines to ensure they are secure no mater where they are connected. 

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